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Young Pac

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Slider of Young Pac
I rap about my family and things that is going on in my life, how I grew up, what's going on in the streets. That's real.  Don't do things that you know is wrong. Don't follow other people. That's what gets you locked up. Growing up is really tough. Art helps you, it gets you to think about how it is. I would write a book about life. It depends on the people you hang out with.

Behind the Scenes 10
Creating an exhibit mock up at Faisal Abdu'Allah's studio

Young Pac Silhouette 1

Young Pac Silhouette 2
Capturing shadows for a silhouette video


Young Pac Time Capsule Drawing
Time Capsule: Taking it into the Future, Young Pac
Portrait of Young Pac

Young Pac says:

That's real.